​AJP Dreams and EDG

Alexander Warren of AJP Dreams has been working with support from EDG to research and develop empathy training for support workers. Alexander got funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to carry out this work. You can check out his application video here.


The project took 18 months to complete. We spent 9 months interviewing support workers, people with learning difficulties who receive support and service managers about what helps to grow empathy among support workers for the people they work with. We also found out a lot about what gets in the way of empathy happening.

You can read about the findings of our research and the training programme we have developed on this site.

Our Research 
Day in the life of a support worker

Call us: 0131 476 0522

Email: gillian@edg-sco.org

16b Castlebrae Business Centre, Peffer Place Edinburgh EH16 4BB

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