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Improve your practise as a support worker using empathy!

Our course will support you to learn more about what empathy is and how to implement it in your working day. This will have a positive effect on you and the people you work with. 

Empathy can be learned and improved and, used in the right way, it can make your job easier. Empathy is important in support work because it's a vital element of supporting people to live their dreams. It's also key to creating a nurturing relationship with the people you work with. It can help you ensure you're giving the right kind of support for the individual.


On our course, you'll learn how to sustain empathy and avoid fatigue by exploring the following steps:




Each module involves a mixture of theoretical and experiential learning. Some modules include resources you can download and keep.


We offer the course in the following formats:


  • as a self-study course: you have access to all pre-recorded materials and can work through them at your own pace on your own, or with a buddy if you have one. Cost: £130 You can buy online straight away  in USD or if you'd prefer to pay in £ please email us*. 

  • a self-study course with live online input from Alexander and Gillian (2 half day workshops) Cost: £350 plus £100 per participant for online course access, max participants 12 (includes lifetime access to all pre-recorded material)

  • a self-study course with live in-person input from Alexander and Gillian (a full day workshop) Cost: £350 plus £100 per participant for online course access, max participants 12 (includes lifetime access to all pre-recorded material) 


We may consider a discount for large bookings from organisations.

*Unfortunately it's not possible to pay for instant access in £ because thinkific, the site that hosts the course, only accepts payments in USD. The charge is equivalent of around £130 although exchange rates fluctuate from day to day. 

If you are a person with a disability or carer who directly employs PAs, please get in touch with us for our discounted rates. We want this course to be accessible to you as well as organisations.  

You can sign up for the self-study course right now by clicking the button below

Or you can email us for information about how to book live group sessions for your organisation. 

What people said they learned:

'I learnt that empathy has a great deal to contribute to achieving of dreams and goals. Without people being empathetic you may not have the confidence or drive to achieve your dreams.'

'I learned that empathy is an amazing thing, you can put so many people at ease with just being there and having a good ear.'

'I learnt it is important to empathise with yourself as well as others and care for your self'.

'I found it useful to disect how you can be a good listener by thinking of how i can tell if someone isn't listening to me fully. Also to consider how i feel when i know someone has fully listened to me.'

'I'm grateful for the self care techniques and resources for self care, that is something I didn't consider but needed'.

What people liked about the way we delivered the course:

'I liked the mix of learning styles, some drawings, some written, some reading and some videos. It breaks each section up nicely and easy to take in information.'

'I enjoyed the group work via zoom, it was nice to have an open dialogue in a non-judgmental space'

'Live sessions where great! I liked that we split up into small groups for some tasks, its easier to talk one on one to someone but then equally good being able to come back to a larger group and discuss it there.'

'Gillian and Alexander where good at making me feel as ease and facilitating the chat.'

'I liked being able to reflect on myself, those I work with and experiences I've had in relation to empathy.'

  1. What is empathy and how do we do it?

  2. What is good listening and how do we do more of it?

  3. Make the link between empathy and living your dreams

  4. Your self-care: empathy as a resource, not a burden

  5. Setting appropriate boundaries 

Meet Alexander

Meet EDG

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